Stories of Bangladeshi Infertile Women

The condition of infertility is surrounded by serious social stigma in our society. When a couple is unable to conceive after at least one year of unprotective sex, it is known as infertility. In such cases, both the partners must visit the doctor to find out the cause, as it is not only women who are responsible for infertility. Women who are unable to conceive are seen as a socio-economic burden by their family. In many cases, their husbands marry another woman with the hopes of having his own children. This leaves the wife in an economically vulnerable position.

In this video by Merck Foundation, three women in Bangladesh talk about how their lives have been affected by infertility, and how this has been responsible for a change in the behaviour and attitude of their husbands and families. When the treatment of a family towards women is based on her ability to bear children, we must realise that infertility is not just a medical condition but also a social condition.

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