Supporting Transgender People in Your Life

There are many people who wholeheartedly support transgender rights and want to become allies to transgender people, but do not know the proper language and behaviour that is essential for communicating with transgender people, and that is absolutely fine. The culture, norm and even the education that we were brought up in have limited our knowledge to the existence of nothing beyond males and females. This includes school textbooks and popular culture. With this upbringing, it is normal for people to miscommunicate with their language when they interact with transgenders. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but at the same time it is essential for the allies to do their best to learn so that they can make sure that they are being kind with their language and behaviour. 

This guide by National Center for Transgender Equality contain tips and tricks to help you become a perfect ally.


In case you have limited knowledge about transgender people, this list of frequently asked questions will help you identify with basic terms, such as transgender, intersex, gender transition, gender non-confirmin etc.


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