Teenager Gets her Molester Arrested

A teenage girl from ninth grade got her alleged molester and blackmailer arrested by tricking him. The incident took place at Chittagong Railway Building (CRB).

The criminal, Mainuddin, 20, came to know the girl via Facebook on April 3. They decided to meet after a few days of conversation on April 15. The met again for a second time at a restaurant on April 15 where Mainuddin molested her and took a video of the incident. His friend, Asif, 20, was also present there.

Later, Mainuddin blackmailed the girl by demanding Tk 20,000 and threatened to publish the video if she didn’t comply with his demand. The terrified girl informed her family and took help from the police.

The police advised the girl to trick Mainuddin by telling him to arrive at a spot to collect the money. He arrived with Asif and was arrested immediately by the police. Asif, however, managed to flee. An inspector at Kotwali Police Station said that the police are conducting drives to arrest Asif.

Source: The Daily Star

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