The Pathway to Women’s Empowerment

Every year, about 6 million women go missing in the sense that they were never born or died because unequal gender condition. Women, who live, have to face discrimination, home and abroad, starting with nutrition deficiency causing poor health during childhood to lesser chances of education caused by early marriage and unequal job opportunities and wages. Researchers have found a correlation between gender inequality, empowerment and poverty, which explains why very few women are seen in decision making positions. Development cannot be achieved without empowerment and paradoxically empowerment cannot be achieved without development. This International event is conceptually concerned about this seeming paradox and the papers presented in a sense look at the relationship between policy prescription and economic development as a pathway to achieving Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

Find out more: International Conference on Gender and Women Empowerment, by Institute of Microfinance (InM)


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