Tribal women are passing days in fear

After the arson attack on the villagers of Langadu in Rangamati on June 2, the ethnic girls and women are passing their days in fear of physical and sexual violence. Some have returned home but are still in fear of sexual abuse. They are in fear to move freely and if to do so, make sure they are accompanied by male person.

Out of 1,500 ethnic people who have taken shelter in the deep forest, only about 100 males and 30 females have returned to their village but still they do not count it as safe.

The trust is broken between the Bengali and ethnic people when about 300 houses and shops were set in fire by Bengali settlers and left an elderly woman burnt. On the false acquisition of killing a local Bengali man by two indigenous people, number of houses were torched in fire.

PCJSS Langadu unit publicity secretary Milan Chakma has said that people are still traumatized and it will take time to rebuild the life while the Rangamati police has claimed, the situation is under their control.


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