Voicing the Silent Fear: Domestic Violence

Abusive acts against Asian women arise out of a diversity of cultural circumstances. It is influenced by power relations. Abusive acts are not just limited to a single characteristic. This means that physical abuse is not the only type of abuse. At the same time, abuse can happen in any sort of relationship. The women reveals several dimension of domestic violence and sometimes they continue to play down the levels of violence they experience.

This article observes the subjective experiences of South Asian women in the United Kingdom who have suffered domestic violence, and identifies some of the risk factors for domestic violence within this community. In terms of South Asian women, the study defines and scrutinizes several features of domestic violence. Experiences of the victims and survivors, of domestic violence, are shared in this article. To conclude, the article shares an exploration of the ways in which notions of both honor and shame are used as tools to constrain women’s self-determination and independence.


Gill, A. (2004). Voicing the silent fear: South Asian women’s experiences of domestic violence. The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice43(5), 465-483.


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