Women’s reproductive health: SNV’s contribution in RMG sector

In a research finding by Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Foundation (OSHE-2009), it is detected that female garments workers suffer many health complications due to lack of reproductive health and knowledge. About 36 lac garments workers are contributing in the export earnings, but they are ignorant of reproductive health knowledge. SNV Netherlands Organization, a nonprofit capacity has been working to improve sexual and reproductive health concerns of female garments workers.

SNV has developed an Inclusive Business Model(IB) under a project Working with Women where the garments workers are trained about safe motherhood, use of emergency contraceptives, implication of long acting family methods, symptoms of STI (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) etc.

To epitomize the service facilities, SNV works with the collaboration of factory owners, aid agencies and government agencies. Small schemes on reproductive health care service can be beneficial for their limited income.

Source: http://dailyasianage.com/ep/2017/06/13/?page=8

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