Yearly maternal death toll: 5,200

It had been estimated that around 5,200 women in Bangladesh die each year due to early pregnancy and childbirth related problems, making up 8% of the total deaths among women of reproductive age, says a recent report by UNFPA.

The UNFPA representative in Bangladesh, Argentina Matavel Piccin, emphasized upon midwifery (also known as obstetrics, or health science that deals with pregnancy and maternal health) for ensuring safe delivery of children and good health of mothers during delivery. She also stated that 83,100 babies are stillborn and there are 76,000 neonatal deaths every year with 42% skilled birth attendance at delivery, and 38% institutional.

Global evidence shows that midwives deliver the most effective sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn health interventions, and are able to avert 80% of maternal deaths in countries like Bangladesh.

The organization therefore sought more attention on education, retention and professional development of midwives in order to reduce pregnancy and childbirth related problems. The importance of efforts in ensuring women to come to facilities to deliver was also noted.


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