Essay competition on SRHR

Bandhu Social Welfare Society is going to arrange an essay competition on SRHR issue. This is very great opportunity for the youth and adolescent, they will have the adequate information and scope to explore study and learn SRHR issues in an edutainment environment. The initiative will also facilitate to impart correct knowledge on health care needs, personal hygiene practices, safer lifestyle, gender and rights, rights violation as well.

So write your own way and send it to


•Age: 15 to 24
•Word limit: 1000 to 1200
•The words will count exclude reference.(provide reference if any)
•All the candidates must be write the topic of the essay, name, age, institute and phone number on top of the page.
•All essays must be submitted in soft copy via email. Email address
( )
•Please note that entries to the competition should be unique
•Write up should be in English

To know more about the event:

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