Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in South Asia

The health needs of the adolescents are much different from the needs of adults. These health needs need to be addressed and achieved. At the same time, the adolescents need to be prepared for future adulthood. Such changes have massive consequences on adolescents’ education, employment, marriage, childbearing and health. In this way as they spend more time in school, their age of marriage is delayed and pregnancy too. Reproductive and sexual behaviors during adolescence have comprehensive impact on their lives when they become adult.

This paper reviews socio demographic and sexual and reproductive health situation of adolescents in South Asia. It tries to record the evidence and insights regarding sexual and reproductive health risks and challenges faced by adolescents in the region. It also identifies the obstacles that must be overcome in order to access the reproductive health information and services.


Bott, S., Jejeebhoy, S. J. World Health Organization. (2003). Adolescent sexual and reproductive health in South Asia.

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