Our stigma around ‘sex’

Discussion about sex is still a taboo in Bangladesh. People are allowed to watch sexual representation on magazine, television or in the Bollywood item songs, but talking about sex is a bashful thing in the society. Lack of sexual education creates problems in other cases like health issues during puberty, rape due to lack of knowledge about consensual sex and sexual assault around the country.

Some digital health service platforms like Maya Apa is working on to break the taboo and stigma around sex. Since talking about sex is seen as immoral thing, people have very poor knowledge about basic sex education. Even, people are prohibited to talk about sex to their families and doctors. This causes many serious health problems without having any proper solution.

Being unknown about about contraceptive methods people have unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases from unsafe sex. Many young people only have emergency pills on regular basis which might cause fatigue, nausea, irregular bleeding even infertility.

The question answer platform of Maya Apa indicates that many people have underage sex which might be the case of unreported rape and sexual assault. Plenty number of underage sex prove that people are not serious about criminal offense.

Educating girls about sex is seen as immodest thing. But sex is an undeniable part of human biology. To break the shame around sex and living healthy, there should be more discussions on sex.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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