Bandhu Social Welfare Society hosts an award ceremony

Bandhu Social Welfare Society awarded different organizations and individuals for their immense contribution to Bandhu’s work on gender-based minorities.

Bandhu works for ensuring  their basic rights as humans, the organization tries to provide them with societal security and justice and also their sexual reproductive health rights.

The event started with the awardees’ inaugurating the photo “Novella” and awarding the sixteen photographers who captured it.

Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Kazi Riazul Haq, was the chief guest of the event, he said during his speech, “Every citizen has the right to receive equal treatment by the law and society. There is no proper record or data on the transgender community. We need to integrate them into mainstream society”.

He also added that, “We know that a lot of the times, hijras harass people on the streets or in front of their houses. Their behaviour might seem crass, but it is our fault that they are marginalized and ignored. This needs to change.”

They awarded ULAB, Dhaka Tribune, MP Mirza Alam, writer Selina Hossain and few others for their contribution.

Share-net Bangladesh also participated in the event.

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