Policy Review: SRHR for Unmarried Young People in Bangladesh

Young people of Bangladesh constitute one third of the entire population. To ensure their well-being, the Government of Bangladesh and the development partners have introduced and implemented a wide range of policies and programmes to address the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for the adolescents and young people over the last decade. However, there are still gaps in these policies and programmes.

In this light, Share-Net Bangladesh reviews the current policies, strategies and plans to illustrate the limitations and scope of work.

This policy review paper on “SRHR for Unmarried Young People in Bangladesh” conducted by Anika Binte Habib and Arnob Chakrabarty highlights the current SRHR needs of the unmarried adolescents and young people. A Qualitative Literature Analysis as well as interviews of experts and SRHR practitioners were taken to validate and supplement the findings. The paper also identifies the gaps in the policies and programmes and how this can lead to negative outcomes for unmarried adolescents and young people. This was followed by discussion on policies, strategies, and plans. Based on the findings, expert interviews, and declaration from the Share-Net Bangladesh Young Knowledge Fair Leaders, we have outlined recommendations.

To ensure a concise plan of action and to achieve maximum impact, the review emphasises on strengthening collaborations among the Government and Non-Government Organisations.

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Download: Policy Review- SRHR for Unmarried Young People in Bangladesh


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