Feminist Response to COVID-19

As feminists – organizations and activists, working across global movements centered on human rights, sustainable development, and economic and social justice have come together in a moment of collective organizing to … Read More »

Improvement of toilet and sanitation system of secondary and higher secondary schools, madrasahs and technical educational institutions

In June 2015, a circular was issued by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh to ensure the hygiene of toilets and sanitation in all educational institutions. The circular acknowledges the importance … Read More »

International Day of the Midwife 2020

Midwives play a vital role in the gender equality movement: Everyday, midwives, in every part of the work are upholding women’s rights to quality, and midwife-led care throughout the childbirth continuum. … Read More »

The Gender Handbook for Humanitarian Action

Humanitarian action provides lifesaving services and facilitates recovery for communities affected by armed conflict, natural disasters and other complex emergencies. The responsibility of humanitarian actors to promote gender equality is supported … Read More »

Five Actions for Gender Equality in the COVID-19 Response

UNICEF has listed down five actions at the programmatic and advocacy levels to ensure the prioritisation of Gender Equality in the COVID-19 response. It covers the following points which are in … Read More »

Supporting Transgender People in Your Life

There are many people who wholeheartedly support transgender rights and want to become allies to transgender people, but do not know the proper language and behaviour that is essential for communicating … Read More »

COVID-19 and Child, Early and Forced Marriage: An Agenda for Action

Urgent steps are being taken all over the world to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The recent Ebola outbreak in Africa has shown that outbreaks affect men and women differently. … Read More »

SRHR Comic Series for Adolescent Boys by CMMS

CMMS (Center for Men and Masculinities Studies) developed a series of comics for adolescent boys to educate them about risky behaviour that may develop at their age. At the age of … Read More »

Adolescents Come to the Rescue

Usually adolescents are the ones who face the harmful consequences of wrong decisions taken by their parents and elders. One of the biggest evils that parents knowingly or unknowingly commit is  … Read More »

SRHR Dictionary

Many SRHR terms, such as period, contraception and sex, are widely known in English, but not in Bangla. Practitioners from various NGOs and INGOs working in the field often need to … Read More »