Changing the Son-Preference Attitude

Son preference is highly endemic in Bangladesh. Researches show that son preference leads to the practice of sex-selective infanticide and abortion.

A 2006 study by ‘Promoting Human Rights in Bangladesh’ revealed that “93% of Bangladeshi families prefers son viewing them as a “blessing” to home and country, while 93% viewed girls as a “problem.” This is why many families continue to conceive child until desired number of sons are born. Reasons behind son preference ranges from socioeconomic conditions like poverty, religious and cultural beliefs to illiteracy, kinship systems, demand of dowry and expectation of security at old age.

Son preference can be reduced through initiatives in social movements, legislation, and the mass media, suggests by Lecturer of Law, Bangladesh Open University, Kh. Kohinur Akter.

Find out more: “Son preference VS Gender equality”, by The Daily Star.

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