Experts speak about the importance of SRHR for the adolescents and youth of Bangladesh

Three of the passionate SRHR experts in Bangladesh, who are also members of the Communities of Practice (CoP) of the Share-Net Bangladesh have raised their voice speaking about the importance of SRHR for adolescents and youth in Bangladesh. The Communities of Practice (CoP) that is brought together by Share-Net Bangladesh, consist of social and medical researchers, development practitioners, health workers, government officials and legal experts to engage with one another to find solutions and take critical issues forward.

With long years of experience and advanced knowledge in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, they are facilitating the path towards a better environment for the young population for building awareness and improving policies and practice on SRHR.

Ms. Nishath Sultana, the Head of Advocacy and Communications from Educo Bangladesh have connected the awareness of SRHR among adolescents and youth to their mental health. It is crucial for people at their age of adolescence to know about their expected bodily and psychological changes so it protects them from all kinds of anxiety and the myths that might be popular in their community on SRH issues.

In Bangladesh, the young population have a lot of potential to make positive changes in the society. Thus, Caroline Crosbie, the Project Director of Shukhi Jibon and Senior Country Director of Pathfinder International, has dedicated her career to bringing life-saving sexual and reproductive health services and programs to women and children. She has spoken on the relevance of building leadership among young people in order to make them more open in talking about SRHR and build awareness among the young men and women in Bangladesh.

The government of Bangladesh have taken on national strategies and action plans prioritizing SRHR. Dr. Md. Jaynal Haque, the Program Manager of Adolescent & Reproductive Health under the Maternal and Child Health Services Unit, Directorate General of Family Planning has shared his views to Share-Net Bangladesh about the importance of SRHR for adolescents and youth and mentioned the many different policies, plans and projects that the government is currently implementing.

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Nishat Sultana
Caroline Crosby
Dr. Md. Jaynal Haque

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