Family planning for married adolescents in slums

Adolescents who live in urban slums, lack proper knowledge and agency for practicing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, hence, are more vulnerable to early marriages and unintended pregnancies- a study by Centre for Reproductive Health, icddr,b, Dhaka, Bangladesh has found out.

According to the report, 53% married adolescent girls in slums had unintended pregnancies, largely due to improper or lack of Family Planning. It has also discovered that unintended pregnancies resulted in 12% spontaneous and 5% induced abortion.

The study recommended raising awareness among married adolescent girls through conducting necessary health education on Family Planning as well as creating community sensitization.

Full research: Prevalence of unintended pregnancy and needs for family planning among married adolescent girls living in urban slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, funded by STEP UP.

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