Parents’ role in sex education

According to the research “Sex and Sexual Health: A Survey of Canadian Youth and Mothers”, parents are the most vital and prime source of guidance for young children especially when it concerns sexual behavior and values. However, Bangladeshi parents feel uncomfortable talking about sex and sexual affair with their children. The reason behind such discomfort is the state of ignorance about sex issues along with their cultural up bearing and religious training.

To demolish ignorance concerning sexuality, teenage pregnancies, abortion and premature death, the research, “Inclusion of Sex Education in School Curriculum of Bangladesh: Parents’ Attitude” suggests that providing proper sex education to school going students is very important. As specified in the article, the declaration of human right 1948 states that parents have the right of choosing what topics should be taught to their children and what to be incorporated in school curriculum.

For that reason, parents play an important role in the inclusion of sex education in school curriculum, suggests one of the findings of this research.

Full report: Inclusion of Sex Education in School Curriculum of Bangladesh: Parents’ Attitude.

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