Girl Up launches Curriculum – “Gender-based Violence: Building Awareness and Solidarity”

Girl Up has launched its new curriculum Gender-based Violence: Building Awareness and Solidarity which aims to raise awareness about GBV and encourage youth to take collective action to combat it in their communities around the world. It links facts and figures and global agreements and resources to experiential learning that highlights the impact of GBV to both individual personal safety and social change and justice.

The peer-facilitated curriculum contains three parts, covering a range of topics so that participants will be able to:

  • Establish a shared understanding of concepts and terms related to GBV
  • Understand the prevalence and scope of the problem
  • Investigate where and how GBV causes harm, including mechanisms that perpetuate the problem
  • Explore approaches to mitigating risks and making informed decisions
  • Take action to raise awareness, demand accountability, and improve conditions to eliminate GBV

The 233 page curriculum contains three main units with multiple module under each of them:

Unit 1: GBV: Facts, figures & experiences

Unit 2: Toward living a life free of violence

Unit 3: Putting resistance into practice and taking action to combat GBV

Download Curriculum: Gender-based Violence: Building Awareness and Solidarity

You are encouraged to follow the sequence of the modules and sessions in this curriculum as they build on each other. However, you may also choose to create your own facilitation plan and explore the material differently to match the needs of your community/organisation. Regardless of the sequence you choose, it is recommended that you read ALL the components in the ‘How to Use This Guide’ section before you facilitate your first session.


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