GPower: An App for Gender Analysis at your workplace!

To find out whether you, your team or your organisation is practicing gender equality in the workplace or not and provide solutions to implement it, a Android mobile app ‘GPower’ was developed and launched with the initiative of Share-Net Bangladesh. The GPower app can be used as a tool to conduct a gender analysis based on questions and guidelines outlined within the app. This app will support organisations, corporations to assess their status from the gender perspective. In other words, the app will tell the organisations whether they are practicing gender equality or not. And if not what needs to be done to achieve gender equality in their organisations.

The GPower app was launched on December 6th, 2021 at the Knowledge Fair 2020 event, which is an annual event organized by Share-Net Bangladesh.

The app is a convenient, streamlined and easily accessible tool which will allow for the users to conduct gender analysis with no additional funds being spent on their end, or provide a launching off point for a much broader gender analysis of their projects. The tool has built-in guidelines as well as analytical tools to present the data inputs in a more translatable manner. The data are presented in the form of understandable charts and scales allowing for the user to have a proper understanding of the gender context of their projects or organisations.

A Gender analysis through this app could be undertaken at any moment during a project intervention but preferable during the formulation of the project proposal. It could investigate the position of women and men in the project, the gender capacity of the implementing institutions, assess the participation of women and men, the effects of the interventions on men and women etc. The Gender analysis could be done partly as well, for example it could analyse the gender capacity of the implementing institutions.

The app could be used by an individual, for example a gender consultant or a project coordinator, and a team, for instance a project implementation team.

The benefits will multiply greatly for those working specifically on gender focused projects, even more so on those who intend to begin such projects soon as the tool will allow them to have a primary form of evaluation/assessment for the entirety of the project’s core objectives.

Overall, with the gender analysis using this app, it would be easier to decide for an organisation, or a team, or an individual what is needed to achieve gender equality and women empowerment.

You can download the app from Google Play Store via this link: 

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