Highlights of Initiatives on Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Share-Net Bangladesh published a book on January 8, 2019. This book is a part of Share-Net Bangladesh’s Knowledge Collaborative on addressing Child Marriage issues in Bangladesh. It aims to highlight the practices undertaken by key stakeholders to address the issue of child marriage in Bangladesh, where it is common.

This book brings forward the methods adopted by the nine organisations, directly and indirectly, to spread awareness against child marriage among the masses, the achievements and outcomes of their projects, the challenges they face and their future plans to eradicate child marriage in the country. The book translated the tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge by interviewing experts who are actively working on addressing child marriage issue in Bangladesh.

This book will enable practitioners to learn from each other and use each other’s knowledge in their own implementations.

Share-Net Bangladesh wants to acknowledge all other organisations who are actively working on child marriage issues in Bangladesh but are not covered in this book.

Share-Net Bangladesh wants to show special gratitude to Arnob Chakrabarty, Managing Director, RedOrange Media and Communications, for providing all the support that was needed for the successful publication of this book.

Send an email to anika@redorangecom.com to get a copy of the book.

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