Housewife Killed for Resisting Rape

A few days ago, a young woman was set ablaze and killed for raising her voice against her perpetrator, who was her school principal who attempted to sexually assault her. On Sunday, April 14, a housewife, Mamoni Dey, 24, was killed for resisting a rape attempt by two men. The incident took place at 12:30 am at Fatikchhari upazila of Chottogram.

The incident took place in the presence of Mamoni’s in-laws at home. The perpetrators entered her room at midnight through the roof and tried to sexually assault her. They stabbed her on her back when she tried to escape. She rushed towards her father-in-law who was standing in the verandah and was stabbed as well when he tried to save her. They later killed her by slitting her throat. When the incident occurred, Mamoni’s mother-in-law locked herself in a room with Mamoni’s one-year-old child and screamed for help.

The culprits, Sunny Dey, 20, and Toyon Dey, 21, were later arrested by the police and a case was filed against them. OC Abdullah reported that they do not know the killer’s motive, but the incident was pre-planned. The body was handed over to the family after an autopsy was carried out.

Source: The Daily Star

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