Improving Gender Equality at Your Workplace

It is never too late to improve gender equality at your workplace. Having an equal number of men and women in the workplace is just the first step to achieving gender equality, and not be the end. Gender equality is a continuous process and should be reviewed periodically after consultation with all employees. Workplaces should take into consideration not just men and women, but also transgenders and non binary people. At the same time, intersectionality should be ensured with representation of women and other minorities from diverse backgrounds within all levels of the workplace.  

Here are a few steps you can incorporate to improve gender equality at your workplace:

  • Existence and Implementation of Policies: Many workplaces do not have policies in existence, while many workplaces do, but they are not implemented. The existence and implementation of policies are two sides of the same coin. The policies must be reviewed and their implementation must be monitored on a periodic basis.
  • Regular Training: Training must be conducted on a regular basis to make sure that employees are constantly aware of gender sensitivity and behavioral issues.
  • Offer flexibility: Workplaces often fail to achieve equality due to women having difficulty balancing work and home. Offering flexibility in time allows women to adjust their timings as per their convenience. The aim is not to disrupt the workplace timings, but offer a solution so that both the workplace and employees can come to an agreement balance with each other.
  • Ensure women’s representation in all departments: Even in offices which boast of fair or equal representation, women are given stereotypical roles as they are over represented in the hospitality and client management sectors, and under represented in the ICT, finance or decision making bodies. To ensure equality, the goal should be to have an equal representation in all sectors and all departments.  

Gender equality cannot be achieved overnight. It is a gradual process. But if we are committed and dedicated, over time we can make sure that all workplaces are women-friendly, inclusive and represent intersectionality. Make sure you use GPower by Share-Net Bangladesh on a regular basis to help you understand where your organisation stands in gender equality. 

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