Maternal Complications of Menstrual Regulation

Menstrual Regulation (MR) complications are few of the significant cause behind maternal morbidity and mortality in Bangladesh. MR is a broadly popular birth control practice in our country. It is safe, effective and economical method of fertility control. In order to reduce the incidence of complications, contraceptives practice should be popular and available to the community and MR Service should be used as back up service when needed.

The main theme of this paper was to evaluate complications due to menstrual regulation (MR) risk factors for complications, immediate morbidity and mortality & management pattern. Complications of MR can be reduced by routine pre-procedure checkup. Proper sterilization of equipment, maintaining proper sepsis procedure, routine examination of genital tract after the procedure, routine follow-up after one hour. If the surgical skill of the care provider can be improved then the complications can be minimized to the extreme.


Biswas, S. P., Begum, B., & Bakshi, K. K. (2012). Maternal complications of menstrual regulation. Bangladesh Medical Journal Khulna44(1-2), 11-14.

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