Menstrual Disposal, Waste Management & Laundering in Emergencies

Globally, there is increasing attention towards incorporating menstrual hygiene management (MHM) into humanitarian response. However, in the majority of emergencies, the distribution of menstrual materials by response actors to adolescent girls and women is the most common activity. Although materials are essential, their distribution represents only one component of a complete MHM response. Women and girls must also have appropriate menstrual hygiene and health information, in addition to the practical ability to use available menstrual materials as intended.

More specifically, there has been insufficient attention provided to two key areas of an MHM response:
1) menstrual material disposal and waste management; and
2) menstrual material washing and drying.

Left unaddressed, existing MHM responses are insufficient, and will not be successful in meeting beneficiary needs. This compendium aims to contribute to filling this gap.


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