Mind Mapping Session in ‘SRHR in Fragile Settings’

Share-Net Bangladesh is going to have a Mind Mapping Session on SRHR in Fragile Settings at Hotel Bengal Blueberry on 4th August 2019 (Sunday). SRHR experts from renowned national and international organisations will be present at the session to share their best practices, knowledge and experiences. They will provide their valuable input in the form of ideas, suggestions and recommendations. The input will be presented at the Share-Net International Co-Creation Conference that will be held in the Netherlands in October this year. 

‘Fragile Settings’ refer to the areas that are affected by conflict. People residing within these areas have to face struggles every day to access their basic rights. Netherlands Institute for Multiple Democracy (NIMD) states that fragile settings ‘often coincide with state borders but may also pertain to specific areas within a state, or to regions encompassing the borders of several states.’ In Bangladesh, there are currently more than 723,000 Rohingya refugees living in Rohingya camps (UNHCR) who are facing extreme conflict. They are residing in the regions of Ukhia, Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar, which are located near the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. They started to arrive in Bangladesh in 2017 after facing extreme violence in Myanmar. 

For those who live in conflict affected fragile settings, getting access to basic health facilities is very difficult. Access to sexual and reproductive health facilities is almost impossible. These facilities include- counselling for women and girls who have faced sexual violence, MRM or safe abortion, maternal and newborn health services and much more. 

This mind mapping session will bring together experts who have knowledge in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Fragile Settings, and also focus on empowering local organisations and users to improve access to SRHR and information in challenging circumstances. 

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