New Drug on the Horizon: British man first in world to be free from all HIV germs

A Briton has become the first man in history to be free from any and all kinds of HIV germs after being treated by a new experimental medicine. This regimen of ‘kick and kill’, as the researchers have so named, includes a vaccine to help the body identify HIV virus and a drug called Vorinostat, which helps to activate T cells and boost the body’s immune system.

Traditional ART can only target the actively infected cells. So, the person continues to harbor these viruses in dormant state. Scientists say this regimen will allow a person to be completely free of virus as it will also allow the body’s immunity to kill the dormant cells as well.

This drug however, will not be replacing ART anytime soon. The researchers say that they will continue their work for the next five years before recommending it as an alternative to ART.

The research was undertaken by researchers from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London and King’s College London. The researchers hope to publish the trial results in 2018.

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