Prevention is better than cure

Breast cancer is a silent epidemic in Bangladesh. Since 2013, Breast Cancer Awareness Day has been observed in Bangladesh. In our country, more than one lac twenty two thousand people get affected by cancer and more than ninety one thousand people die. Among them, fifteen thousand women get affected by breast cancer and causes death of more than seven thousand. By detecting and taking treatment in right time, breast cancer can be prevented. To raise awareness against breast cancer, October is observed as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Change in size and shape of breast, discharge from nipples, changes in skin colour of breasts, lumps in breast, and lump or swelling in either of the armpits are some of the symptoms that cancer specialists suggest women must see a doctor.

Though the early detection and improved treatment options, the breast cancer survival rate continues to increase year after year, but the survivors can still experience symptoms long after their treatment has ended, such as fatigue, depression, weight gain, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction, pain and sleep disorders.

The risk of the breast cancer can be reduced by following certain steps. These are; limiting alcohol, not to smoke, controlling the weight, being physically active, limiting dose and duration of hormonal therapy, avoiding radiation and environmental pollution can reduce the risk of the cancer.

Practicing mindfulness activities such as qigong and tai chi, traditional Chinese exercises which focus on posture, movement, breathing and meditation, can help to relieve symptoms and improve overall quality of life for breast cancer survivors.

Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of the breast cancer. To be aware, one should also have the regular check up whether the health condition is okay.


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