Share-Net Small Grants Call 2017

The focus of activities of Share-Net International at this moment is towards translating gained knowledge into products that can be used to influence practice and policy. Therefore, the Small Grant Call has a different focus this year than previous years.

The objectives of the grants can be three-fold: 

1) Capitalize on the previous three rounds of small grants (that mostly focused on gaining new knowledge and insights) calling for translation of research into products that will be used to facilitate tangible change in policy or practice.

2) Research work done by our members in the field of SRHR that could benefit from a process of translating knowledge into materials that will influence policy and/or practice.

3) Documenting actual changes in policy and practice and how these have been implemented, as long as it relates to work either done though earlier Share-Net International grants or Share-Net members.

It is crucial in this call to show how the grants will contribute to change of policy or practice, and to include an analysis of when and how this change will be effectuated, including the expected benefit for specific SRHR targets and groups.

All the work done through these grants is co-owned by Share-Net International and should be available for use by Share-Net International at any time in the future for marketing, promotion or any other activities.

Type of products that can be developed with this grant are amongst others: pamphlets, leaflets, films, guidelines, strategies, meetings with parliamentarians, policy briefs, articles etc.

Funding available

The total amount available for this call is 150,000 euros. The upper limit per grant is 10,000 euros. However, we do encourage members to budget as carefully as possible, so we are able to grant more proposals.


Members of Share-Net International based in The Netherlands, Bangladesh, Burundi and Jordan are eligible to apply for this funding.

Non-members might be included in a member led proposal. Members have the final responsibility in terms of output delivery and monitoring.

Although members can apply for any number of grants, members can be awarded a maximum of 1 grant, as lead, per funding round. In addition, all members may be partners in other proposals.

Proposals which demonstrate strong local partnerships are encouraged and therefore non-member organisations can be involved, but not as lead.

Eligibility Criteria

Thus, in sum, the applicant must:

  1. Be submitted by a Share-Net member.
  2. Be relevant and contribute to the Share-Net International aims, as mentioned above.
  3. Comply with one of the three objectives as mentioned above.
  4. Be in the interest of Burundi, Bangladesh or Jordan, or in the case of organisations based in The Netherlands, any low or middle income country (as specified by the World Bank – ).
  5. Be for any amount up to 10,000 euros.
  6. Ensure that all activities are completed within 3 months from the date of starting or when the contract is signed.

Assessment and Selection Criteria

  1. Quality and feasibility (30%)
  • Overall quality of proposal explicitly showing how/which policy or practice will be influenced or changed for which target group
  • Quality of work plan and budget
  • Feasibility of the project within given timeframe and budget
  • Cost-efficiency (value for money)
  1. Translation for use (30%)
  • Relevance of the activities for influencing policy and practice
  • Potential for effectively facilitating change
  • Quality of communication / dissemination plan
  1. Innovative (10%)
  • Use of innovative methods
  • Presence of a new and original perspective.
  1. Strength and benefits of proposed partnerships (either international, or locally; e.g. partnership with local universities, NGO’s or with Share-Net Bangladesh/Jordan/Burundi. (10%)
  • Clear and demonstrable added value in terms of partnerships
  • Capacity development opportunities for local organisation(s)
  1. Track record / institutional capacity of the applicant organisation. (20%)
  • Demonstrable evidence that the proposed project falls within the core business of the lead organization
  • Institutional capacity

Award decisions will also take into account that projects be spread across themes, types of activities and countries/geographical areas.

Time frame & Process

All applications must be made using the Small Grant Application Form 2017 and uploaded to our Share-Net International website. In order to upload the application form you need to register on our website first. Your user registration can take up to 24 hours to be processed during weekdays. Make sure you register in time! The closing date for applications is 21th July 2017, 17.00.

For the sake of transparency and accountability, all correctly completed applications will be assessed based on the above criteria by a selection committee, representing the Share-Net International Steering Committee, the Share-Net country nodes, the Share-Net Netherlands Core group and the Secretariat of Share-Net International. Conflicts of interest will be identified and relevant people removed from specific discussions and decisions.

All applicants will be informed of the decision by the 15th of August with the aim of having contracts signed, and for work to begin, from the 1st of September 2017. The projects should be finalized by the 30th ofNovember 2017 (maximum duration of 3 months).

Any Questions Regarding the Call Can Be Addressed To:

Francoise Jenniskens, Interim Share-Net International Director –

Meike Stieglis, Share-Net Netherlands Coordinator –

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