Spousal Abuse Against Women and It’s Consequences on Reproductive Health

Less educated women and women with several marriages, tend to face more spousal violence. These abusive husbands have also married several times and mostly, they are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Spousal violence injuries adversely affect the health and well-being of women. Increasing the awareness and understanding of the relationship between violence against women and reproductive health could be achieved if lawyers, researchers, clinicians, practitioners, and government workers from multiple disciplines and agencies worked together.

Spousal violence is problematic phenomenon happening in our society on daily basis and additionally it even creates several reproductive health problems for women. The connection between spousal violence and women’s reproductive health problems are not very clear to people. This paper tries to figure out the association between spousal violence and women’s reproductive health.


Salam, M. A., Alim, M. A., & Noguchi, T. (2006). Spousal abuse against women and its consequences on reproductive health: a study in the urban slums in Bangladesh. Maternal and child health journal10(1), 83-94.




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