Taking the Lead

This infographic is based on the findings of a research that was conducted by Plan International and Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, titled ‘Taking the Lead: Girls and Young Women on Changing the Face of Leadership’. This research looks deeply into the leadership of females by letting about 10,000 girls and young women from 19 countries across the globe share their ideas and experiences on what it takes from them to become leaders, what leadership means to them and what helps or hinders them from taking control of their lives and their futures at home, work, communities and countries.

About the research: Data was gathered by survey and by in-depth focus group discussions in five countries. In the focus group discussions participants were asked to reflect on what qualities a young female leader might have and to identify inspirational people in their lives. The survey included ten questions on aspirations to lead, experience of leading, confidence, encouragement, role models and discrimination and asked young women about their leadership aspirations in terms of career, country, community and family.

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