Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Issues of Transgender Individuals in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia

One of the important dimension of social life is workplace. Transgender people have to face severe challenges as gender roles are already uneven in our society. In countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia; people have fixed perception about transgender people.

This paper outlines the specific challenges faced by transgender individuals in the context of constitutional precincts, religious perceptions, and socio-economic circumstances. It is observed that regulators, social actors and institutions de-emphasize on the gender criteria at the time of hiring, as well as in commonplace operations, to enrich the institutional human capital and work performance.


Al Mamun, A., Heyden, M. L., & Yasser, Q. R. (2016). Transgender individuals in Asian Islamic Countries: An overview of workplace diversity and inclusion issues in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. In Sexual Orientation and Transgender Issues in Organizations (pp. 167-180). Springer International Publishing.

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