Social Exclusion of the Transgender Population (Hijra) in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the transgender people (hijra) are excluded from our society. Unfortunately, they are living in the extreme margin of exclusion. They cannot live their life with dignity as they have no sociopolitical position in the society. They don’t even have recognition of their deprivation. Hijra are abused in every possible way (verbally, physically, and sexually). Thus, this exclusion decreases their self-confidence and intellect of collective responsibility. Hijra are also citizens of the country. They have the full right to be a part of society’s diversity, have gender, sexual and citizenship rights. And these need to be protected.


Khan, S. I., Hussain, M. I., Parveen, S., Bhuiyan, M. I., Gourab, G., Sarker, G. F., … & Sikder, J. (2009). Living on the extreme margin: social exclusion of the transgender population (hijra) in Bangladesh. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 441-451.

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