Equal rights of women needed to reach SDGs

On Dec 7, speakers gathered at the capital’s National Press Club VIP lounge for a roundtable discussion organized by Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (BUP) for ensuring equal rights and dignity for men and women to attain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Representatives from different organizations took part in open discussion and spoke at the event.

Attaining SDGs is possible by establishing women’s equal rights to property, politics and decision-making. Human development, public awareness and changes in attitudes of men is crucial to bringing this change, they asserted.

One of the speakers said that men and women should have their due rights to take the country and society forward. Women have achieved much progress, but there should have been more changes in 45 years since being an independent country.

A noted economist said that the constitution of Bangladesh guarantees equal rights of men and women and the government has made many good laws in this regard. Proper application of those laws was also called upon.

Source: http://www.bssnews.net/newsDetails.php?cat=0&id=626055&date=2016-12-07

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