Meaningful Youth Participation

Today in Bangladesh, we have an acute dearth of mid level practitioners, researchers and policy makers. As a result, programs and policies can not live up to their full potential.

Many have blamed the over-ambition of young professionals, who are disinterested easily and constantly look for better options. However, it has also been highlighted that there is a lack of trust between the youngest employees and the top most management. Young professionals sometimes do not get the proper exposure which could help them grow professionally. Programs and policies also suffer due to the lack of coordination between the human resource.

The concept of meaningful youth participation, is therefore very important and timely in this regard.

Dance4Life together with RHRN (Right Here Right Now), a consortium project lead by the RUTGERS in the Netherlands which is implementing worldwide, has recently conducted a survey about meaningful youth participation, in their participating organisations. The results of this survey are particularly important for those working on program and policy.

The document is being shared on Share-Net Bangladesh platform with permission from the organisation.

Experiencing Meaningful Youth Participation in Practice

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