#MeToo – Women in Bangladesh are speaking up!

A slew of allegations made through social media with the ‘MeToo’ hashtag have taken Bangladesh by storm, as women, one after another are accusing men in powerful positions of sexually harassing them without any consequence.


Female journalists on Friday, November 16, held a demonstration in front of National Press Club calling women from all spheres to “raise their voices without any fear, no matter how rich or powerful the wrongdoers are” and called the nation to stand by victims of sexual harassment in their homes, workplaces and on the streets.


“This is not a new problem. For ages women and children have lived through these problems. But as conscious parents we cannot keep our children near these assailants. This is a mental disease,” one of the journalists said.


According to speakers at the public event, many famous personalities have been unmasked through the social media movement. They also called on assailants to publicly apologise and for social organizations to remove them as members.


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